Dear Falcon Family,

The last you heard of me was in Volume 30 Summer 2012 where I addressed you as a Student Body President and a graduating senior. I was tasked with writing about my last day on earth, and what I would do. I wrote an inspirational piece, which provided a message about happiness, and the effort it takes to achieve it. Although the readers would assume I was a happy-go lucky, awe shucks, brush the dirt off your shoulder person, I assure you I was not then and I am not still. As a glass half-empty person, I can thank my stark realization as a recent grad where I foreshadowed the struggles I would face in a post-grad world.

Four years ago, I would never have imagined I would still be on Fairmont State’s campus. But I did have the foresight to know my life, and career, would not go according to plan. I graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and National Security & Intelligence.  You guessed it. I naturally went on to serve as an Admissions and Career Counselor, Student Government Advisor, and Interim Alumni Director as well as earn a Master of Education in Higher Education Administration.

Obviously I took a step into a unique direction for someone with my undergraduate background. I’ve been challenged and criticized by my current students, former classmates, and prospective student families – Why did you not attend law school? Why are you not working for a senator? Why aren’t you operating as an analyst in the CIA? As you can assume, life happened. The wind blew in a different direction, and I went for a ride. This isn’t to say I was directionless, but I was willing to change course from a future others wanted for me. Although I never left campus, this doesn’t mean I didn’t grow in positive meaningful ways.

I’m happy and proud to serve the Fairmont State community, where I have the unique opportunity to work in student life, collaborate with faculty and staff, and engage our alumni on a daily basis doing things I love, which is serving people and giving back to my fellow falcons. I’m grateful for the opportunities I was provided on the campus as a student, and my goal is to share this recognition of gratitude with my alumni brothers and sisters. What did you learn here, and how has it affected your personal and professional goals? In what ways has Fairmont State positively impacted you as it has for me?

Meagan Gibson
Class of 2012
Interim Alumni Director