Accounting (including Sponsored Grants Accounting)

Welcome to the Office of Sponsored Grants Accounting (OSGA). We are happy to have you visit us, and hope that you will find this introduction to our services useful. We want to assist you in identifying, requesting and receiving external support for all of your great ideas. Please contact us to discuss ways in which we can help you to be successful. We are happy to answer any questions.

The OSGA provides guidance, from conceptual development and planning of proposals through implementation and administration of funded projects. More specifically, it facilitates the review of proposal narratives and budgets, the completion of standardized application forms, the assurance of compliance with applicable federal and state regulations, the negotiation of grant awards and contracts, and the provision of administrative assistance for funded projects.

While faculty and/or staff may be the authors of proposals requesting funding, the OSGA serves as the recipient of external support. As such, the OSGA is responsible for oversight, compliance management and appropriate conduct of sponsored activities on behalf of the principal investigator or project director. It is therefore imperative that Fairmont State University maintain a centralized, coordinated approach to the review, approval, submission and management of all sponsored programs. Review and approval processes must be clearly defined and established to provide the institutions with appropriate controls for compliance and sound management of all sponsored activity.